KOKFREE 부착 사례(Attachment examples of KOKFREE)

KOKFREE는  특수 처리된 보호필름으로 Maket이나 음식점 또는 놀이공원 등에서 빈번히 겪는 ‘문콕’사고를 예방하며, 매우투명하여 부착 후 눈에 잘 띄지않아 자동차 본연의 디자인을 해치지않으며 고객님의 품위를 지켜드립니다.(KOKFREE is a special protective film that prevents the door from being broken by opening the vehicle door by inadvertent mistake of the opponent vehicle when parked or stopped. It is very transparent so that it does not look good after attachment and does not damage the original design of the car.)

BMW 5 series
BMW 4 series convertible
Audi A6
Jaguar new XJ
Porsche Macan
Hudai Sonata LF